Introducing Jake Sullivan: Investigator and Chief Prosecutor of the U.S. Attorney’s Miami Office–and a Jimmy Buffett fan. Inspired by titles of Jimmy Buffett songs, the Jake Sulivan series of political thrillers by Chip Bell is set against the sultry backdrop of Miami and the Keys.

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He Went To Paris, out October 2016

Simon Branson is on the run, and Jake Sullivan and Mike Lang head to Paris to track down a killer. Charged by President Fletcher with verifying the incredible secrets found in the Group 45 documents, they are moving ever closer to finding the truth about The Package. Surviving a murderous attack in the City of Lights, they follow another clue to the Bavarian Alps, where the scattered remains of Group 45 are coalescing around a neo fascist proclaiming himself the savior of Western Civilization. Trying to stay a step ahead of their enemies and aided by a Nazi physicist’s granddaughter, they finally find what they are looking for . . . the solution to the enigma of The Package.

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