Introducing Jake Sullivan: Investigator and Chief Prosecutor of the U.S. Attorney’s Miami Office (and a Jimmy Buffett fan).

Inspired by titles of Jimmy Buffett songs this new series of political thrillers by Chip Bell is set against the sultry backdrop of Miami and the Keys. Come Monday, the first book in the series, begins with a surprising twist. Jake’s spectacularly successful career takes a nose-dive when his obsession with a case, and a conflict with his nemesis and boss, Attorney General Benjamin Matthews, leads to a sadistic killer being set free on the streets of Miami. Feeling despondent, he leaves his wife and two girls, for the anonymity of Key West…Margaritaville—where a person’s past is his to hide. But people keep trying to kill him. Finding the thread that links the attempts on his life to his past unravels a gripping plot that leads all the way to the White House.

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season, finds Jake back in Miami, working in his old job as Chief Prosecutor of the U.S. Attorney’s Miami Office, and trying to reconstruct a life with the love of his life…his wife. The President of the United States is on the verge of signing a treaty with Cuba, and a huge ceremony is being planned in Miami. But when the Secret Service learns that an assassin hired by the mysterious organization, “The Birth of New Madrid,” is stalking both the president and the Castro brothers, Jake is called in to manage security and find the killer. As tension mounts on land, and hurricanes threaten Miami and the Keys, Jake discovers that even dead enemies can wreak havoc from the grave. Stunned by the realization that he is the target, and the killer is willing to take everyone down with him, Jake forces a one-on-one battle of explosive proportions.

Chip Bell loves to throw in a little colorful history in all of his novels, and Havana Daydreamin’ is no exception. Flash back to Havana 1958. Batista is in power and corruption rules. The mob’s accountant Meyer Lansky is poised to open the crown jewel of the mob’s gambling empire when Castro descends from the mountains. All bets are off, and Lansky moves millions of dollars out of Cuba. In an intriguing plot Jake and his friend, Mike Lang become involved in a search for the missing treasure and to save Paula’s life. Chip Bell’s third novel takes the reader on a twisted treasure hunt that begins in 1950s Havana and leads to an ending that no one, especially Jake or Mike, could have thought possible.

The murder of a retired United States Senator and his wife seemed like an open and shut case for Jake Sullivan until his prime suspect turned out to be a member of the Mossad, Israel’s elite intelligence agency. Instead, Chip Bell’s fourth novel, A Pirate Looks at Forty, takes Jake on a hunt for the leader of a renegade Israeli army faction intent on changing its’ country’s boundaries. Following a trail that begins with an ancient Hebrew mystic in Medieval Spain and continues with the loss of a sacred relic in the wreck of a Spanish treasure fleet off the Florida coast in 1715, Jake tries to keep South Florida from becoming a war zone that will set the spark to the powder keg that is the Middle East.

The fifth novel by Chip Bell, One Particular Harbour, takes Jake on a working vacation in the Virgin Islands… what could be better? But when you are Jake Sullivan, things are never as they seem, and a mysterious nighttime meeting leads to a nightmare of a morning. Arrested for the murder of a prominent businessman, Jake finds himself the object of a conspiracy to take away everything he has until Jake’s best friend, Mike Lang, comes to his aid. Now fugitives, Jake and Mike follow clues from island to island pursued by corrupt police and politicians and an international oil cabal and its team of hit-men, always heading toward that one particular harbor where Jake’s past and present come together to seal his fate.

Chip Bell is a practicing attorney who lives in Western Pennsylvania, but wishes he lived in the Keys. He has spent considerable time in Key West, however, so Buffett fans will thrill as he takes them along familiar streets to the classic haunts and restaurants with colorful characters that make Key West the place that it is.