ISBN: 978-1595717320

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It is the end of June and President Jordan Fletcher has just negotiated a historical treaty with Cuba, and its signing will be held at the end of October in Miami. Because of Fletcher’s past relationship with him in the Benjamin Matthews matter, he has asked Jake Sullivan to coordinate the treaty signing ceremony. Just as Jake and his investigator and close friend, Mike Lang, begin their job, they receive the astounding news that Benjamin Matthews has died in prison of a heart attack, at the same time learning that an assassination plot has been hatched against the President and Raul and Fidel Castro.

Working with a threat analysis expert from the Secret Service, Jonathan Clark, and Paula Cortez, a specialist in Cuban affairs from the FBI, who appears to be more than just a former colleague of Mike Lang, Jake sets about trying to diffuse the plot by discovering the identity of a mysterious assassin known only as “The Agent”, employed by an even more secret organization, “The Birth of New Madrid.” As the summer months move by with the assassin still on the loose, the tension builds at Jake’s office, just as tension builds out on the open water as a very active hurricane season is underway. Worrying about Mother Nature and the plot at hand, Jake and his team finally come face to face with their mysterious assassin and soon come to realize he is only part of a much greater threat.

Racing to save the treaty signing and the lives of the President and the Castro brothers, this second novel by Chip Bell heads to an explosive finish where Jake discovers the true nature of the danger they face and finds himself in one final battle—a battle for his life and the lives of his family now that he realizes the ultimate truth—the target all along was him.