Jamaica Mistaica

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A Jamaican drug dealer surrenders to authorities after
coming ashore in the Florida Keys and tries to bargain
for his safety with a fantastic tale of lost pirate treasure
and its connection to the Shower Posse drug cartel, the
CIA, and more.

When a brazen daylight attempt on the dealer’s life
leaves American citizens dead on the streets of Miami,
President Jordan Fletcher asks Jake Sullivan, Chief
Federal Prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Miami
Office, and his investigator and best friend, Mike Lang,
to join a special DEA Task Force and go to Jamaica to

Joining DEA Special Agent, Mack Owens, Jake and Mike
head to the Island of Wood and Water and find themselves
in the midst of a three hundred year old legend of piracy,
corruption, calamity, and death . . . with only the solution
to an ancient map keeping them from their own.

Travel once more with Jake and Mike into the beautiful,
but dangerous, Caribbean where the ghosts of pirates
beckon and adventure awaits.