A working vacation in the Virgin Islands…what could be better? But when you are Jake Sullivan, things are never as they seem, and a mysterious nighttime meeting leads to a nightmare of a morning.

Arrested for the murder of a prominent businessman, Jake finds himself the object of a conspiracy to take away everything he has as one piece of evidence after another builds the case against him. Jake’s best friend, Mike Lang, comes to his aid and his investigation reveals that Jake is to be transferred to an island prison from which there will be no return. Mike arranges an escape with the help of some island characters found only in the southern latitudes. Now fugitives, Jake and Mike follow clues from island to island pursued by corrupt police and politicians and an international oil cabal and its team of hitmen, as they race to find answers as to who is framing Jake and why.

This fifth novel by Chip Bell takes the listener on a whirlwind voyage through this island paradise, always heading toward that one particular harbor where Jake’s past and present come together to seal his fate.